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Welcome. My name is Agnieszka but I'm better known as “Aggie". I am the founder of Neuro Bloom - Counselling and Therapy for children, young people and adults. I am an enthusiastic and professional counsellor and Therapeutic Play Practitioner, interested in facilitating peoples full potential.

For the past 10 years, I have been working therapeutically with children, young people, and adults within many different settings. I have got experience in providing highly specialized counselling to people on Autism Spectrum as well as with severe mental health difficulties. But above all I AM ME. And it’s me who I’m bringing to the room to work with any issues, problems or dilemmas you might have. I speak my mind, heart and intuition. I believe You have everything it takes to be the highest potential of yourself. You might wonder how is it going to happen? Relationship is the answer. Imagine experiencing yourself throughout unconditional positive regard, non-judgmental and emphatic relationship, where you can just simply BE YOU! ‘Scary’ you may say, I’ve trusted so many people, how is this going to be different? From the moment you set your foot in my room, we will collaborate and negotiate safety boundaries, where you’ll be able to cry and laugh, swear and remain silent - whatever will feel comfortable and right for YOU.


By engaging therapeutically you’ll enter sacred space of healing. We might talk, we might remain silent, we might listen, we might draw, we might take it outside if the boundaries of the room would feel too confining for you, we might pull the sand tray and miniatures to experience your story, or take a piece of clay and focus on subconscious processes. We might connect to Your Inner Child, and embrace all of your parts of Self. We will tailor the session to your needs and re-wire neuronal pathways of your brain, injecting splashes of colors and connections to YOUR TRUE SELF. We’ll work through the layers of past, present and anxiety inducing future.


On your terms, in your own time.

My qualifications include:

  • PgCert In Therapeutic Play PTUK

  • Diploma in Person Centred and Existential Counselling BACP

  • Bsc Hons Psychology

  • Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theory



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